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Businesses are created every day across the country for a wide range of reasons. Most business owners create them in order to make a profit. While this is certainly the driving force behind any business owner’s vision, a vast majority of these same visionaries fail to understand the proper way to form, own, and operate these businesses. Far too often, a new business is formed without thinking through the consequences of how it is owned. A BUSINESS SHOULD NEVER OPERATE AS A SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP! The ease of formation, the low cost, and the benefits of creating a business organization are testaments to this. At Green Law, we have been creating, forming, organizing and helping manage various types of business entities for years. Below are the various types of business entities that we have helped create.


Most of us know someone or have been personally involved in an accident that resulted in injuries. These resulting injuries may be either physical or psychological or both.  Often times the victims of an accident are able to simply walk away with only minor injuries. Unfortunately some accidents are fatal. Whether you have been injured or have lost someone you love in an accident, Green Law is here to help. We deliver the personalized service that you would expect from a trusted advisor while fighting diligently for your legal rights. We strive to avoid the pitfalls that insurance companies and corporations want you to fall into in an effort to lower the value of your claim.


The death of a loved one is a traumatic event that we all must deal with at one time or another. All too often transferring your loved one’s assets can be just as traumatic and daunting of a process. Let the proven experts help you transition through this most difficult time and help you navigate through the maze that is probate. Whether your loved one died with a will or without a will, Green Law is here to help. We will discuss all of your options and make sure that we make an informed decision as to how to proceed based upon the facts of your situation.


Chances are that you are theoretically familiar with the sale/purchase of real estate and the processes that are involved. At Green Law we understand the legal duties and obligations imposed upon the parties to a real estate transaction. Whether you are buying, selling, transferring, or leasing a home, farm land, or a commercial building, let the experts at Green Law help you protect your rights. With the advent of the internet, there are dozens of standard, online forms that are readily accessible. However, each of these forms lack one key ingredient… competent legal counsel. The next time you buy, sell, or lease a home, farm land, or a commercial building, think about the fact that Texas law provides you with certain statutory rights that you need to be aware of.


A trust is, functionally speaking, an arrangement whereby a trustee manages property as a fiduciary for one or more beneficiaries. The origins of trusts can be traced back to the mid-13th century and trusts can be used for a multitude of reasons. As a fundamental principle, trusts can be created, funded, managed, and distributed privately. In many instances, there is absolutely no need for court involvement. At Green Law, we understand that trusts come in many types and flavors. We also understand that your goals may necessitate the use of one type of trust over another. After careful consultation, we will make sure that the right type of trust arrangement is created so that you achieve your goals, desires, and most importantly, peace of mind. Below are a sampling of the various types of trusts Green Law has created.


Proper estate planning necessitates the need for proper document preparation. While we are all inherently aware of what a Will is and does, many people are not aware of what ancillary documents are and how they operate. For example, just because you have a properly drafted will, who is going to make financial decisions on your behalf? What about medical decisions if you find yourself in a position of being unable to communicate your wishes? Would you want to be kept alive indefinitely using all available life-sustaining treatment options were you to get a terminal condition or irreversible illness? Who would care for your children should something happen to you and your spouse? All of the contingencies can be planned for by ensuring that the proper documents are in place. Green Law has been providing quality end-of-life documents to clients for years. Call for a free initial consultation and find out which documents everyone must have in place before you become incapacitated or deceased.


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