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Proper estate planning necessitates the need for proper document preparation. While we are all inherently aware of what a Will is and does, many people are not aware of what ancillary documents are and how they operate. For example, just because you have a properly drafted will, who is going to make financial decisions on your behalf? What about medical decisions if you find yourself in a position of being unable to communicate your wishes? Would you want to be kept alive indefinitely using all available life-sustaining treatment options were you to get a terminal condition or irreversible illness? Who would care for your children should something happen to you and your spouse? All of the contingencies can be planned for by ensuring that the proper documents are in place. Green Law has been providing quality end-of-life documents to clients for years. Call for a free initial consultation and find out which documents everyone must have in place before you become incapacitated or deceased.


Document by which you direct your estate to be distributed at your death

Living Will

Legal document that instructs physicians and hospitals what action to take if you are suffering from a terminable or irreversible condition and are unable to communicate or make decisions for yourself

HIPAA Release and Authorization

Legal document allowing your named agents to gain access to your medical records should you become incompetent or unable to communicate

Medical Power of Attorney

Legal document allowing your designated agent to make decision on your behalf regarding your health care in the event you cannot make them yourself

Durable Power of Attorney

Legal document allowing your designated agent to handle all of your personal affairs, including the execution of contracts, motor vehicle arrangements, real estate sales, bank account transactions, etc. if you become incapacitated in any way

Declaration of Guardian

Legal document that allows you to designate who you want to serve as your guardian in the event a guardianship is instituted

Do-Not-Resuscitate Order

Legal document that allows you to declare that certain resuscitative measures will not be used on you (including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), advanced airway management, defibrillation, artificial ventilations and transcutaneous cardiac pacing)

Body Disposition Authorization Affidavit

Legal document that allows you to express your wishes regarding your body disposition including cremation, burial, internment, and donation

Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains

Legal document that allows you to designate an agent to control your wishes regarding your body disposition